Digital Sewing Pattern Academy

Digital Sewing Pattern Academy

from concept to launch: bring your PDF sewing patterns to market in 4 weeks

Welcome to the Digital Sewing Pattern Academy!

In this 4-week course, I will give you all of the tools you need to take your sewing pattern from concept to launch.

Do you want to turn your ideas into a PDF sewing pattern to sell, but you don't know where to start? Perhaps you have a sketch but don't know how to make it digital? Don't have or want to purchase Adobe Illustrator or other costly design programs? We will be using ONLY free, open source software, so you can design and create your patterns with absolutely no overhead. 

This course is designed to remove hurdles that you may have to bring your sewing patterns to life. We'll draft our pattern pieces together with free software, we'll write clear instructions, we'll create eye-catching graphics, and we'll explore where to sell your patterns!

And, I've created a private Facebook group so that we can all share and learn with each other. Have a question? Pose it to the community and get near immediate feedback! Plus, make some new friends along the way.

It's truly a no-risk course. I'm confident that you'll find the course content to be of value and be able to create your first digital sewing pattern - but if you don't find value after going through all of the modules, contact me and I'll refund your money. 

Think about this: you could spend countless hours figuring out how to get your pattern for sale, or you can go through this course and get personalized attention and support from our community, and get your first pattern listed for sale in 4 weeks, or even sooner! With sales that you make from your first pattern, you will earn back the cost of the course in no time.

See you inside the Digital Sewing Pattern Academy!

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Course Curriculum

What's included?

23 Videos
2 Texts
Jen Fox
Jen Fox
Sewing Pattern & Fabric Designer, Book Author

About the instructor

Jen Fox is a sewing pattern designer, fabric designer, and published sewing book author. 

Jen began her sewing pattern business in 2008 while a full time student working a full time job. She's scaled her business and now distributes her sewing patterns to shops all over the country, and sells digital sewing patterns all over the world. Jen designed a line of quilting cottons for P&B Textiles, and she also has a recent book that she co-authored called "Transfer Embellish Stitch: 16 Textile Projects for the Modern Maker" with C&T Publishing. 

Jen is passionate about sharing her knowledge with others, and created the Digital Sewing Pattern Academy to create a community of like minded creatives who want to branch into the digital sewing pattern world of independent designers.

So, come join us inside the Digital Sewing Pattern Academy!

Please email Jen with any questions about the course:

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